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Our work is largely driven by key calendar events for which we can plan. We will proactively deliver excellent service by redefining what constitutes success for each major calendar event. We will implement benchmarks to meet those goals and refine our processes and teams accordingly to ensure your needs are met. This proactive approach to management will emphasize the use of technology and tools to predict potential issues before they arise and streamline workflow.


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GOAL ONE: Improve from x to y (as defined in Year 1) on the proactivity scale for key calendar events.

Year 2 (FY2023)
Create a proactivity scale to be measured by team member survey.
Define key calendar events and specific workgroups to be reviewed by via the proactivity scale.
Create and conduct an initial survey for baseline data on employee views about preparedness for key calendar deadlines.
Define a designated owner for each calendar process.
Identify key benchmarks for each calendar process and what defines success for each.
Identify all internal groups impacted by each calendar process.
Communicate the calendar, assigned responsibilities, and benchmarks for success to all impacted parties.

Years 3-5 (FY2024-2026)
Conduct annual surveys about preparedness for calendar deadlines.
Report on survey results to the team.
Independently track whether the office is meeting benchmarks on each calendar process using reports and dashboards.
Create and implement targeted plans to optimize our approach to specific calendar deadlines and processes, based on survey results.

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