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To maximize our quality of service, we will implement a robust framework to document, standardize, manage, measure, and incrementally improve business processes. This approach will optimize both quality and accuracy, increase process efficiency, and enhance services to our customers.



GOAL ONE: Become a process-focused agency.

Years 1-2 (FY2022-FY2023)

Begin to develop the strategy and build awareness for a process development framework.

Design the framework for an office document management process.

Year 3 (FY2024)

Implement an office document management system that provides the process for future creation of, retiring of, and revisions to SOPs and


Create a macro-level, end-to-end blueprint of Assessor business processes.

Identify process owners and their expected roles for all critical business processes.

Year 4 (FY2025)

Establish a network of process leaders within workgroups for key business processes.


GOAL TWO: Implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies for critical business processes.

Year 2 (FY2023)

Begin identifying and prioritizing critical processes and key job functions.

Begin documenting appropriate SOPs.

Assess the baseline maturity level of each key business process.

Identify and inventory any current SOPs.

Identify and inventory any current policies.
Determine electronic platforms, standard formats, and methods to house and manage SOPs.

Year 3 (FY2024)

Finalize list of critical SOP's and Policies.

Begin documentation of all critical SOPs.

Begin documentation of all critical policies.

Create SOPs and add them to the electronic library.
Begin to publish SOPs and Policies to the electronic library, receive acknowledgment, and communicate to the applicable workgroups.


Years 4-5 (FY2025-FY2026)

Finalize documentation, sign-off all critical SOPs and policies, and add to the electronic library.


Year 2 (FY2023)

Create an electronic filing cabinet.

Identify external taxpayer-initiated paper-based forms to determine opportunities for digital submission.

Year 3 (FY2024)

Prioritize internal and external paper-based processes based on annual volume.

Coordinate/determine feasibility to explore digital options for DOR forms.

Identify current resources needed to internally process/scan incoming documents. 

Identify internal paper-based business processes.

Year 4 (FY2025)

Create electronic workflows and train team members on new workflows.

Establish document retention/purging protocol.

GOAL THREE: Determine opportunities to become a paperless office by offering internal and external
digital alternatives.


GOAL FOUR: Develop, track, and display operational performance metrics.

Year 2 (FY2023)
Identify critical success factors related to the strategic initiatives.

Year 3 (FY2024)

Provide internal awareness and education on the benefits and purpose of meaningful performance metrics, and effective performance

Begin to develop and track operational performance metrics.

Develop an operational performance metrics framework.

Years 4-5 (FY2025-FY2026)

Finish the development and tracking of operational performance metrics.

Visually display operational performance metrics.

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