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Our office has a series of highly interdependent teams, skilled at their individual specialties, that are ultimately unified as one team. It is critically important to the success of our office that we build synergy among these team members. We do this by encouraging cooperation and building trust and understanding through the intentional sharing of knowledge.

Another key component to the success of our teams is building the best possible leadership. Promoting talent from within the organization allows us to reward the hard work and loyalty of our team members; preserve our invaluable knowledge base; create leadership that understands our mission, vision, values, and culture; and keep productivity high. To that end, we will be implementing an initiative targeted at helping our employees prepare for internal career progression.



GOAL ONE: Ensure advanced positions have qualified internal candidates.

Year 1 (FY2022)

Evaluate current certification lists of applications to establish a baseline on the number of internal applicants for advanced positions.
Interview team members with career progression success stories to identify key experiences and skills for promotion.

Year 2 (FY2023)
Identify and communicate the requirements for career progression for all positions.

Identify any non-technical (personal development) training that will benefit employees in career progression.

Years 3-4 (FY2024-FY2025)

Create a guide for supervisors that will outline opportunities to grow their teams.

Years 3-5 (FY2024-FY2026)

Teach, train, and mentor team members to encourage internal applications for open positions and increase opportunities for team

members to be competitive for promotions.

Years 4-5 (FY2025-FY2026)

Create a cross-functional mentorship program that focuses on developing leadership skills.


GOAL TWO: Establish a comprehensive, office wide training plan.

Years 2-5 (FY2023-FY2026)

Implement and continuously improve training plan.

Years 3-4 (FY2024-FY2025)

Evaluate requirements for leadership positions and ensure we truly get the best possible person in a leadership role.

Year 4-5 (FY2025-FY2026)

Provide the tools for supervisors to engage in authentic conversations with their teams.

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