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At the heart of our organization is a talented, experienced team of appraisers, staff, leaders, and professionals devoted to serving Maricopa County. We will empower our incredible team and build upon their expertise to become one of Arizona’s best places to work.

Our commitment to a one-team culture built on collaboration is paramount to achieving our goals and giving the public the best possible service. Every employee must be treated with the same empathy, respect, and trust that we extend to our customers.

We plan to foster this culture over the next five years by surveying staff on what initially attracted them to join our team and whether their expectations have been met, hosting cross-functional team building events, developing a mentorship program, implementing new leadership training, and increasing awareness and understanding among workgroups. These changes support our vision to become a recognized leader in valuation and administration.



GOAL ONE: Become one of the best places to work in Arizona by June 30, 2023.

Year 1 (FY2022)

Identify criteria and plan to apply for programs identifying the best places to work.

Year 2 (FY2023)
Complete and submit applications.


GOAL TWO: Increase net promoter scores each year for the next three years.

Year 1 (FY2022)

Identify survey questions and population to include the net promoter question: "How likely are you to recommend this office to your

friends and family?"
Identify survey timeline.
Establish a baseline net promoter score, then define the percentage increase to achieve each year.

Years 2-3 (FY2023-2024)

Using survey feedback from the prior year, implement changes to increase net promoter score.

Create an engagement plan which includes team-building events, leadership moments, and other growth opportunities.

Create a phased communication plan to increase the net promoter score.

Re-run the survey annually and make changes for the upcoming year.


GOAL THREE: Decrease employee vacancy rate each year.

Year 1 (FY2022)

Review quarterly turnover reports establishing baseline data.
Using baseline data, define our goal percentage decrease.

Year 2 (FY2023)

Create a phased communication plan for decreasing the vacancy rate.

Using vacancy rate data from the prior year, implement changes to decrease employee vacancy rate by the desired amount.


Year 3 (FY2024)

Continue to evaluate vacancy data throughout the years to determine if changes meet the goal established in Year 1.

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